10 most extraordinary dissertation topics in psychology

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Psychology can be very interesting to write a dissertation topic about, however if you do not know what to even write about it can be a hassle. To find out what title is best for you, you need to think about the things you find most fascinating for you for example if you find the human emotions interesting you could write a paper about that. You just need to dig deep down, because if you find a title that you know you will enjoy working on you are guaranteed to get a high mark. So if you don’t know what to even write about continue reading this article until the very end. So without further ado here are 10 most extraordinary dissertation topics in psychology:

  • Why do we lie to each other, and especially to ourselves?
  • Are people born serial killers or do they become that way because of how their lives play out?
  • What makes people attracted to one other biology, love or magic?
  • Is depression really an illness or is it just a thought in mind?
  • Why do we eat a lot when we are stressed, and why do obsessed people continue eating even though it makes them depressed?
  • Why are people to lazy to achieve big things in life, is it because they think that they will fail?
  • Do grades mean anything when I comes to a person’s intelligence, if so why?
  • Is suicide a selfish thing to do, if so why do you think that is?
  • Is there any reason to feel stressed even though you know you couldn’t change the situation you’re in?
  • Why do most people give up on their new year’s resolution on the first week, do they set the bar too high?

Find something that you are passionate about as this will make the paper a lot easier to work on, because you will be intrigued with the information you will find. Also, you will learn something new, which is always good as knowledge is power in today’s world of course you can pick something that you already know about but you won’t learn something new.

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